Family: Peter Wild / Catherine Fahnlander

m. 1880


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Threshing scene on Wildwood Farm, about 1918

From a hand written note by Edward George Wild (born 1892) (IWW stands for International Workers of the World, a very aggressive labor movement of the time):

Threshing scene about 1918.
Bill Wild is on the steam engine. At far right in front of the four horse team on the grain tank is a Stewart Shock Loader operated by Ray Wild. The shock loader was purchased in an effort to replace field pitchers who were lost as a result of IWW organized labor efforts. The steam engine is a Gaar-Scott and the separator is an Advance Rumley with 40" cylinder requiring 4 men to feed it. The "spike" pitchers are John and Henry Helbling. The blower is blowing straw into a rack to be brought around for fuel for the engine.

Linked toWildwood Farm, Osnabrock, Cavalier, North Dakota, USA; Family: Wild/Fahnlander (F27)

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